Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dream and Possible Meaning- Semi Cross Post

I wrote about this on my main blog a few days ago. But it's the first dream and what it means that keeps haunting me, tugging at me right now. I'm not quite sure what it means, or if indeed I'm a on the right trail as to what it might mean. So I will only be posting the first dream here...for now.

The Dream:

About a week ago now, I had a dream. Of a courtyard made of white stone with a large round fountain. People were gathered some in the courtyard near the fountain, others on a set of steps leading up to a castle (perhaps). Two large white horses came running up, splashed through the fountain and stopped before a young man amidst the crowd. He held out his hand to calm the people telling them it's alright, the horses were messengers. The young man held a helmet in his hand and wore some sort of ancient garb, possibly Roman, but this wasn't Rome. I think he may have been a prince.

Possible Meaning:

I'll start with the horses. I initially thought of Epona. And while that seemed to click for me, I kept thinking there's more than one horse. And Rhiannon kept coming to mind. Horses symbolize strength, power, endurance; a white horse signifies purity, prosperity, good fortunes. Horses also symbolize hands on/spiritual healers. So then I looked up the 2 Goddesses.

Epona is a Celtic horse Goddess, other sites listed her as Gaulish. She can be seen as a Goddess of dreams, can be helpful in manifesting dreams and is a good protector to have when venturing on a new life path; also can be called upon if one is having trouble sleeping or wishing to have insightful dreams.

Rhiannon is a Welsh Goddess. She is known as a Muse for poets, artists, and royalty. She acts as a Muse bringing illuminating energy of Inspiration to writers, poets, musicians, and artists. She as been associated with Vivienne and the Lady of the Lake. One of her animal associations is the hummingbird! (I just saw one the other day after not seeing any for a couple years!) One of the associated gemstones with her is Amethyst (saw them in my second dream).

Castle can relate to past life influences.

I spent a good deal of time on different websites, none of which I had the good sense to bookmark or notate, gathering the above information.

As I said, I am still trying to rationalize the dream. My attention seems fixed on the horses, which looked very much like Shadowfax, Gandalf's horse in the movie. They seemed almost larger than a normal horse. And they were messengers, but bore no riders. Messengers of who, and what did they have to tell?

Of course I have a strong affinity to anything related to Avalon...Morgaine, Vivienne, The Lady of the Lake, Arthur, Merlin, etc. There are many times I feel called by Avalon to follow the path of Goddess. But at the same time I feel called to follow the Druid path.

I can see a bit too, where Rhiannon makes sense. She wants a person to ask specifically what they want, which is something I have great trouble doing. I've tried speaking to both Epona and Rhiannon, and I'm finding it difficult to speak to Epona, it's like a struggle. But when trying to speak to Rhiannon, it seems somewhat easier.

I don't know still with certainty what this dream means, I am still searching for answers.


Kathy said...

I've also read that Rhiannon is the guardian to the otherworld and/or reincarnation as well and with Samhain coming up, who knows? I have found that over analyzing anything really messes things up for me but if I just keep a notebook handy and jot down any impressions that come to mind in relation to that dream, it makes more sense to me.

Plus there is no real conflict with following the path of the Goddess and the Druidic path. You can do both. And if it seems like you're drawn to both, maybe that IS the path for you.

mxtodis123 said...

Kathy is right. There is no real conflict involved. While undergoing my Druid studies, I was also with the Sisters of Avalon...and have been a long-standing member of the Sisterhood of Isis. You can definitely do both. They actually coincide with each other.

Anonymous said...

The image of the Uffington Horse in Wiltshire, England has connections with both Rhiannon and Epona and from my own reading I think the two Goddesses are closely enough linking that there is some question as to whether they are the same Goddess to different peoples? I also think I remember that Epona has some links to Rigantona (I haven't looked it up to be sure, nor have i checked my spelling lol!)
Maybe some mediations on the Uffington White horse would help (you can google for images if you're not sure what i mean).
Rhiannon is definitely a Goddess of the otherworld, but also of the GATE to the otherworld. Her blackbirds are supposed to sing you across to the otherworld. I don't know if you can get blackbird call recordings but maybe this would help your meditations. Or if you're like me you have blackbird song the minute you walk out the front door and could do your meditation outside with the blackbirds?
The fountains make sense in terms of these being Rhiannons horses too as Rhiannon is sometimes pictured riding out of the waves (fountain/waves/water) as a Goddess of the sea. Rhiannon is particularly assosiated with white mares. She is also a Goddess of sexual love :) She is pursued on her white mare and eventually marrieds Pwyll. Maybe he is the prince of your dream? Maybe Epona isn't speaking to you because the white horses aren't representations of Rhiannon and Epona, but messengers of only Rhiannon. If you are drawn to Avalon myths I suspect it is Rhiannon calling to you rather than Epona.

Hope some of this is helpful to you.
Nellie x

Ellie (Phoenix-Lily) said...

Wow Nellie! Yes it is quite helpful and makes much sense in many aspects. I suppose I could google or youtube perhaps blackbird songs/sounds. And I will definitely look up Uffington White Horse.

The more I tried to speak to Epona the last two nights the harder it was, but speaking to Rhiannon under the full moon was so easy. Almost natural. I am being to think that it is indeed Rhiannon.