Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just some thoughts

I want to take a minute to thank all of you for your comments and thoughts, they mean a lot to me. Many days I feel so very alone that, no one understands or cares, after all I'm just some stranger posting in a blog. But so many of you have left kind heartfelt comments, it's on those days when after I've posted and read your replies that I don't feel so alone.

This blog only has a taste of what things are like living with this man, if you haven't read or if you care to know more about my situation you can find that on my main blog "The Forgotten Muse". It's here that I usually pour my heart out or rant depending on the situation.

I've been doing a lot of thinking on how I can make the money I need to pay for the divorce and help sustain me during and after the process. Working outside the home isn't an option for me at this time. So I've been trying to come up with ideas on how I can make the money. My friend suggested E-bay. But I don't have anything I can sell and I don't really have much to spare to invest in stuff to turn around and resell. I have some left over stock from when I was a scrapbook consultant. I will probably never use all that I have so I could sell some of that or try to. Much of what I do have are discontinued items and some times they can be highly sought after.

I can do simple crocheting like making scarves and possible shawls. I'd love to find some simple Tarot bag patterns and maybe make some of those and maybe shawls to sell on Etsy. I'm no where near proficient enough to make herbal blends or tinctures. And I don't have a wide variety of herbs growing yet either. Just some lavender, thyme, sage, lemon balm and catnip. There's got to be SOMETHING I can do....but what that is, I've got no freaking idea.


Kat said...

You should do prayer shawls . . . I would buy one :) Things will work out sweetheart I promise. Just remember to surround yourself with positive people who adore you. Makes the journey a bit less stressful and scary. Im your fan hun and in your corner!

Kat said...

If you have facebook add me

Not Hannah said...

Hey, lady. I just figured out how CLOSE you are to me geographically, which is kind of awesome. (Not in a stalkery way, but in a...holy crap, somebody else that feels this way lives within, like, driving distance of me. Which actually sounds stalkery. Heh.)

Anyway, I'm sorry you're going through all of this. I'll be thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

It'll all get sorted out sooner than you expect. I've been through divorce myself, but for me it was a liberating experience. It will be over soon and you can start recuperating.

As for the making money thing - I wish I had some ideas for you. It's something I'm always racking my brains over because i'm a stay at home mum and I'd dearly love to be able to earn some money from home.

Take care. Remember that the bad times will pass. Nellie x