Monday, August 31, 2009

Just Amazing!

Whitney's making a come back, and this song off her new album is just amazing. I can so relate to this song.


Brandy said...

Whitney was awesome back in the day! I would love to see her get back to star status for her singing and not the other drama she's had in the last few years.

Celia (Head Witch of the Hollow) said...

Hello Morgaine, I tried to leave this on your other blog...but you can't leave a comment on there, it won't let you verify the word at the end and you lose everything, so I've brought it here for was a comment about "Standing Up For Yourself..."

Oh my poor wonder you found my post about my Grandmother...this pattern seems to be a universal one.
My mum was exactly the same as you...but you know what gal?...she left them both in the end (yes it happened twice)...and never looked grandmother stayed married and look what happened to her!
You are in an awful situation with not having your own money to support your girls...I know what that feels know it's over with him, but want the best for your's a no win situation. (Though he doesn't seem to be the best thing for them anyway with his hurtful remarks!)
I'm glad that you have found a better man...I hope he is good to you and that you and your daughters find happiness...I just wish that we (as women) didn't have to rely so much on "the breadwinner" for everything.
It makes them have control of all monetary things and that always gives them power, no matter how strong we are.

Thank you for visiting me here in the mountains of North Wales...I really look forward to you coming back to see me...maybe leave a comment of what you think about my Grandmother...
If you need to talk...I'm always here.