Monday, April 23, 2012

What Do Druids Do?

Ever on my quest to find my path, only seem to find myself more lost than found most of the time.
I don't really know "where I belong". I'm not a Druid (yet), and then which do you chose as there are many groups. I'm a seeker of the Mists. Yet I feel drawn to Elves and Faeries. Even then occasional attraction to say Buddah, Ganesha, Artemis, I could go on.

I was in a private FB group that studies Avalon. But I was removed at the end of a year since I did not complete 2 tasks, which all year long I thought were merely optional. I found myself running around from store to store looking for supplies to complete these 2 things, only to find that one of the parts I bought wasn't going to be sufficient. I was slightly upset by it, but I didn't have time to run around anymore to find the correct piece I needed.

I am still part of the social group for it. Recently the some questions were asked of the group owner I guess about rituals and such. She briefly explained that the group doesn't "call quarters" or "cast circles" stating they were Wiccan or Druid things. Now I'm not saying that's wrong because I know those are Wiccan practices.

But what about the Druids? So far in my meager studying, I haven't seen anything that says that Druids do these things. I don't feel comfortable questioning this in the group. I can't find any books yet locally to read up on it and even if I did find them, I don't have the means to purchase them right now. Hoping to have access to the library soon, but that will still take a couple of weeks at best to get over there. And then who knows if they will have what I need.

Anyone out there know from experience if it is a common practice of Druids to call quarters or cast circles? What about using ritual tools?


Kate W. said...

I thought that the "problem" if you can call it one, with Druids, is how damn little we know at all about them. So can anyone be casting anything connected to them correctly? Or incorrectly?
I hope you keep up this blog. It can be hard to do that -- I struggle with keeping blogging going myself, but you raise questions no one else raises.

Alix said...

So any group that makes you feel uncomfortable to ask questions is questionable in my mind. Any group that insists threatens to expel members for not meeting requirements is unreasonable. Any group that calls quarters or cast circles is NOT Druid. Its groups like that that give the modern Druid movement a bad name.

I am glad to hear that you are not a member any longer of such a group, if you have an inclination towards a Druids Path, then it appears your guides are directing you well... There are plenty of other groups which will offer far more educational opportunities.

Try: OBOD, ADF, Henge of Keltria, The Druid Network, New Order of Druids...

I enjoy a number online discussion groups on Facebook if you are interested. Here is a nice moderated one to start with:

Hope that helps. May your path always be Illuminated!

Dranem said...

Thank you for the information Alix. When people ask me of religion, I can only really reply that I am spiritual. My beliefs tend to be Earth bound, almost Gaiain. I've never been a strong follower of the stars, so I really have trouble trying to figure out where I belong or what path I follow.

Ellie said...

Thank you Alix for your comment. I have looked into most of those except Henge it doesn't sound familiar at the moment.
The only downside is I can't afford to pay for training and I think some of them charge. But I will start looking again to see which do or don't.
And Dranem, I can relate a bit to not knowing where you path lies. My understanding is that Druidry is an Earthbound path, so perhaps it is parallel to Gaian?

Sarah Head said...

Ellie, Whilst I agree with Alix's suggestions about looking at OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids or the BDO (British Druid Order, I don't agree with her comment about circle casting or calling quarters. I belonged to a Druid Grove for several years and we always did those at the beginning of our ceremonies. If you want some sensible books about Druidry, read anything by Emma Restell Orr or by Glennie Kindred, the latter has a lovely little book called Ceremonies which explains why casting a circle is helpful. To be honest, a magickal task which involves you having to buy items rather than making your own isn't worth a great deal. You learn more by making things and understanding how they are used. Marion Green is also a very good teacher who offers sensible advice which covers all Pagan Paths. Her books are widely available.

Ellie said...

Thank you Sara. I will keep an eye out for the authors/books you mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The Druids left no written records so who knows what they did in a ceremony. All we know about them is what the Romans wrote.